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Austria (Vienna) and Slovakia (Bratislava)

Hi guys!

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Prague useful information

Getting into Prague

Coming directly from Berlin by train, I got to Prague in 22th October. My first impression about Prague was: It’s an amazing place! Certainly, it’s possible to come back to the medieval times.

My hotel was very close to the metro station, so I went to the hotel by walking. I chose the Ibis hotel, but when I got there, it was all booked. Obviously, it was a fail of the hotel. A few minutes later, the front desk girl sent me to another hotel. It was pretty good, because I ended up staying at a first class hotel.

Is Prague a good place to visit?

Of course it is!

Prague is amazing. The city is rustic and as I told before, it could bring you back memories of the medieval times.

The best way to look around is by walking. If you prefer, you can take a metro or bus, but a good walk will be the better choice to know the city in detail. I think two days is enough time to know Prague well, but it’s my opinion.

Let’s talk a little bit about food. I had good lunches and dinners in Prague. It’s possible to try pork, rabbit, duck and of course, sausage. I chose the pork meat and it was really good.

There also a much known sandwich that, as usual, I forgot the name. It’s possible to find it in some Prague squares.

There are a lot of drinking in Prague, like beer, wine and one that stands out: The Absinth. It’s possible to drink some different colors of this beverage.

See below some pictures that I took during my stay there.

Public transportation in Prague

As I told before, the Metro system of Prague is quick and easy to navigate around.

It’s possible to buy metro tickets by time or zone. For example, if you stay less than twenty minutes at the station, you should buy the twenty minutes ticket, but If you wish to stay more than twenty minutes using the metro, you should buy the seventy and five minutes ticket. You also have the option of buying a day ticket, if necessary. Don’t forget stamping the ticket on entry of the metro.

See below the Prague metro map

Prague metro map

It’s possible to find useful information about the metro lines in Prague on the link below.

Prague metro information

Places to visit (Sightseeing)

It’s possible to check it out on the link below.

Prague sightseeing

You’ll find a suggestion of a plan for three days of visiting the city.

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Leaving Berlin

Hi everyone!

I think I am exactly in the middle of my trip. Today is October 22 and I’m going to Prague.

My last week was amazing and had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places. Now, I’m on the train to Prague and the loudspeakers are announcing that we’re coming in Dresden. Oh, I forgot to say that we decided to go to Prague by train, once my initial plan was to go from Berlin to Prague by car.

We took the train in Berlin, around 8:30. I’m a little tired because I woke up this morning at 6:30, but I’m enjoying the journey. After two and a half hour traveling, I arrived in Dresden. The train station is cool and rustic. It’s funny, because the leading car of the train was gone. It’s weird, but true. The rest of the train was left behind. Kkkkk .. Wait, I think another major car is coming … Okay, okay. Now we have another car to pull in Prague. Kkkk.

Well, I think my big mistake on this trip was not to buy anything to eat. I was thinking it was like an airplane, you know, snacks, drinks, etc. Now I’m here, starving. Unfortunately, I have to wait more than two hours to eat something.

Before talking about Berlin, I have to tell you how my trip is going on the train. I’m traveling on a route unbelievable. It’s incredible. I wish everyone who is reading this post had the pleasure of enjoying a trip like this.

Now, I got at the station of Bad Schandau, another rustic train station. You can look around and, to be honest, it pretty much out there. I think I took a large photo of the village. The problem is that the windows on my side are reflecting the sun and I don’t know if the picture will be ok or not.

The climate is very pleasant. The sun shines and the temperature is ok, better than in Berlin, of course! On my left, it’s possible to see the river, and in my right to see the mountains.

I got in another city called Decin. I can’t put the accent correctly because my keyboard doesn’t write in Czech, but I’ll copy the correct name on Google and paste here. Here we go. The train is leaving the city. Let’s go to the next paragraph. Kkkk

The river is still on my left side and the mountains are still in my right side. Don’t forgetting the sun.

I have an hour and a half to get in Prague and I’m still starving,

We reach at another small town or village, I don’t know. They call it Usti nad Labem. A group of girls took the train now and started playing a bizarre card game. The cards have many colors and some photos. It looks good. They’re so concentrate.

I’m feeling that the language is becoming a little bit more weird. Almost no vowel followed by a strong sound. Yes, my challenge is beginning.

I’ll stop taking pictures because the train is almost full and to walk around has become complicated.

Well, I’m almost there. Now I have to check some stuff about the trip. When I get in Prague I’ll tell whether it my train trip finished ok or not.

Sorry if I made some grammar mistake. I’m writing so fast and without enough time to check.



Getting into Berlin


Finally I got in Berlin, after lots of problems in France because of the national strike, that messed up my trip to Strasbourg and Switzerland. Let’s talk a little bit about Berlin.

I didn’t know that because of the Europe Union, to travel within Europe has become easier. For example, when I left Paris and got in Berlin, nobody asked me my passport. I tried to show it to the passport control, but they refused to check it out. Kkkk… Then, forget those long lines waiting for someone to check your documents if you’re traveling in Europe.

When I reached at the Tegel airport, I went directly to the information point to check whether my notes about getting to the hotel by public transportation were correct or not. Thank God, my notes were ok.

Berlin has a big metro line. It also has some buses that works along with the metro very well. The sales man was kindly and gave me all information that I needed.

The metro line works with numbers, areas and colors. The colors and numbers give you the direction. The area, helps you to decide what kind of tickets you have to buy. It’s possible to buy “day tickets” or individual tickets. The day tickets can be used during twenty four hours. Both tickets must be validated when you get on the station, in small machines that prints the date and hour that you’re getting on the station.

The areas are separated by the letters A, B and C. It’s possible to combine these areas, buying tickets for two or three areas together. The most visited places in Berlin are situated in the areas A and B.

Sorry guys, but my time to write is running out. I promise to write on my blog more useful information about Berlin later. So, let’s see some pictures of Berlin below.

Bus open tour and Boat tour


Just some pictures of the tours.

On the boat

On the boat

On the bus

On the bus, in front of the Louvre Museum

Last day in Paris

Finally I’m going to Germany. My journey in Paris finishes today and with bad news. I’m still at the Charles de Gaule airport and the speakers informed that my flight is delayed. The original time was 3:25 and I have to wait until 6:30pm. Now, the Air France is offering one soft drink per passenger. It’s bizarre! You have to wait over than three hours and they offer only a drink. Thank God that in Brazil the rules have changed. If the flight delays over than three hours, the Company is obligated give you a voucher for lunching and I think if the flight delays over than four hours, they’re obligated to give you a stay at some hotel close to the airport. But, I’m in Paris and I have to be happy with the drink.

I was planning to visit some places today in Berlin, but because of that incident, you know, the national strike in Paris, I had to change my plans. So, I’ll try to go to some pub or something like that when I get in Berlin. Actually, I have no sure, you know, to wait at the airport for almost six hours is tiring.

Let’s talk about yesterday. My day in Paris was a little different of the other days. I had the opportunity of enjoying an open tour around the city. We bought tickets for an open bus in a sale point in front of the Notre dame Cathedral. The ticket was valid for one day, enough time to visit the entire city . The buses follow four different destinations around the city and it’s possible to see the most famous sightseeing in Paris. I loved it. It was a little expensive, 29 Euros per person, but it was worth. During the tour, I took more than three hundred pictures.

I was forgetting to tell you about the boat tour. In my fifth day in Paris, we took a boat on the foot of the Eiffel Tower and we spent one hour navigating on the Seine River. It was really exciting and romantic. The tour lasts one hour and cost only 13 euros per person. I’ll post some pictures of this tour here.

So, my computer’s battery is ending up and I have to wait for two more hours.

Thanks for reading it. Hope you enjoy my trip diary.