I’m back!

Hi guys,

Firstly, merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Here I am after a long time without writing anything in English. I owed myself and my teacher. I wrote on this blog that when I got back to Brazil, I would keep it current. But, a lot of things happened and I didn’t write even one line on my weblog until now.

I decided to do something to change this situation. As of January, I’ll come back to write on my weblog. After all, I have to use it for keeping my English alive. The problem is sometimes I have the sensation that I’m losing my English, I mean, I’m not losing my English, but I’m losing my writing and my fluency. So, let’s get cracking!

Before telling you things about my weblog, I want to share with you some good news. The first one is: I have started reading the book Twilight, a teenager romance full of new vocabulary and expressions that I might use in my daily routine, I hope so. The other one is: I have started using my Christmas gift, a great book of idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs that my teacher gave me. Thank you teacher! As you can see, some expressions are showing up in the text. I want to know these expressions by heart as soon as possible.

Well, I was telling you about my decision to come back to write on my blog. I really became surprised when I went to check it out and I realized that my blog was being accessed more than ten times daily.

By and large, I really don’t know if the information on my blog is being useful for everybody, but one thing is for sure, people are accessing it. So, I have to keep it updated.

I was surfing on my blog and saw that the most viewed post was about France. Actually, a specific post had seventeen accesses today. I called that post of Public Transportation in Paris. I’m trying to find out a specific tool that allows me to see where those accesses come from. I think it will be cool, because I can write to those people, you know, a kind of writing on demand. So, I can prioritize my writing for them, keeping my focus on the posts most viewed. I’ll work on it.

So guys, thank you for reading my blog.

I’m back. Bye