Santiago useful information

Getting into Santiago by plane

The distance from the Santiago international airport to the city isn’t so far. It’s about 21 kilometers and it takes around fifteen minutes to get there.  American and Delta airlines offer direct flights from US and Canada. The LAN airlines, a Chile’s international air company offers direct flights from New York and Los Angeles. It’s possible to take buses and private cars at the airport to go to the city. I chose a private car, because it was the first time that I was going to Santiago and I got there around 11pm. I thought it was safer. I have paid $ 27.00 for a private car. I went directly to the stand of private cars and asked for a car to go to downtown. The attendant told me the price of the service and I closed the deal right there. I used my credit card to pay it. You can find more information about Chile transportation by clicking here.

Depending on the time that you take the road, the way to get to downtown could be very interesting. During the night you can appreciate the large and modern Santiago’s avenues, different from many others countries in South America. During the morning or the afternoon, it’s possible to enjoy the great views of the mountains that encircle the city.

If you go to Santiago leaving from Brazil, it’s possible to enjoy one of the best aerial views in South America, the Andean Cordilleras.

Public transportation in Santiago

It works very well and is an integral part of Santiago. It’s possible to visit the entire city by using the metro. Sometimes it was necessary to walk a little bit more, because of some sightseeing are located a little far from the subway station, but it is the best and fast way of moving up around the city.

The fare is less than $ 1.5o and it’s possible to buy tickets with a small price variation. It depends on the time that you take the metro, because they sell the tickets with different fares among three different times. If you buy tickets during the rush hour, it costs a little bit more than during the afternoon and night time. You can identify the fare observing the panel next to the sale counter with different colors, which indicate what the cost of the ticket is.

The subway stations are clean and safe, but there are no much people during the weekends and the trains usually take more time to get in the station.

See below the Santiago metro’s route. If you want to know a little bit more about Santiago’s metro, you can access the official metro website by clicking here.


Welcome to Santiago de Chile

Hi everyone,

One more post and, thank  God, one more trip! This time I went to Santiago de Chile, a great city in Chile, South America.

Located in the Chile’s central valley, next to the Andean Cordilleras, Santiago is the biggest city in Chile. The city is pretty cool and remembers some countries from Europe. It has an small area in downtown that brings back memories from Paris. I loved it!

I went to Santiago during the Carnival holiday in Brazil. Although I have been living in Rio de Janeiro since 2007, I usually find a way of escaping from here during the Carnival time.

Santiago is well known because of some particulars things like Concha y Toro winery and Andres’s cordillera.

There are nice places close to Santiago like Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the oportunity to go to these places, but both are well recommended on many websites.

My next post will be called Santiago useful information and, for sure,  you’ll able to find useful information about the city.

Hello! I’m still alive :)

Hi everyone!

I know I should update my blog more often, but sometimes it’s hard, sorry. On the other hand, I have good news. I just got back from Santiago de Chile – South America.

Although it was a short trip, it was amazing. I’ll try to post my pictures as soon as possible.