Welcome to Santiago de Chile

Hi everyone,

One more post and, thank  God, one more trip! This time I went to Santiago de Chile, a great city in Chile, South America.

Located in the Chile’s central valley, next to the Andean Cordilleras, Santiago is the biggest city in Chile. The city is pretty cool and remembers some countries from Europe. It has an small area in downtown that brings back memories from Paris. I loved it!

I went to Santiago during the Carnival holiday in Brazil. Although I have been living in Rio de Janeiro since 2007, I usually find a way of escaping from here during the Carnival time.

Santiago is well known because of some particulars things like Concha y Toro winery and Andres’s cordillera.

There are nice places close to Santiago like Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the oportunity to go to these places, but both are well recommended on many websites.

My next post will be called Santiago useful information and, for sure,  you’ll able to find useful information about the city.