Hello world!

Hi guys!
This is my first post on williamjs, my personal blog.
I decided to keep the title because of the creativity. There isn’t anything more creative on earth than the phrase “Hello world!”. This phrase remember me the first phrase that I wrote in my first computer program before becoming a programmer.
Let’s change the subject. Do you like Amarula? Well, before you post something here asking about that, let me explain it to you. Amarula is a South african liqueur with an amazing flavor and it is made for the exotic marula fruit. If you wanna know a little bit more about it, just type on Google and it will give you a million of results and websites about the fruit and the liqueur.
I’m drinking a big glass of Amarula and at the same time, writing my first post. I’m doing it ‘cos recent researches proved that alcohol can give you more creativity. Probably who wrote that title “Hello World” was drunk.
OK, I’m not doing it because of the creativity. You caught me! I’m doing it because my week wasn’t so fun and, sometimes, the alcohol is a good way to vent.
By the way, I think I wrote too much for my first post, don’t you? I will stop here ‘cos I have to finish my trip planning this weekend and I don’t know why the time is against to me.
So guys, thanks for loosing your time reading my nonsense post. Remember, if you don’t have anything interesting to do, just come back here and comment my posts. Just in case you do not have anything else to do OK?
I was joking…
So, PLEASE, I’m looking forward for your comments OK?!