I’m back!

Hi guys,

Firstly, merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Here I am after a long time without writing anything in English. I owed myself and my teacher. I wrote on this blog that when I got back to Brazil, I would keep it current. But, a lot of things happened and I didn’t write even one line on my weblog until now.

I decided to do something to change this situation. As of January, I’ll come back to write on my weblog. After all, I have to use it for keeping my English alive. The problem is sometimes I have the sensation that I’m losing my English, I mean, I’m not losing my English, but I’m losing my writing and my fluency. So, let’s get cracking!

Before telling you things about my weblog, I want to share with you some good news. The first one is: I have started reading the book Twilight, a teenager romance full of new vocabulary and expressions that I might use in my daily routine, I hope so. The other one is: I have started using my Christmas gift, a great book of idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs that my teacher gave me. Thank you teacher! As you can see, some expressions are showing up in the text. I want to know these expressions by heart as soon as possible.

Well, I was telling you about my decision to come back to write on my blog. I really became surprised when I went to check it out and I realized that my blog was being accessed more than ten times daily.

By and large, I really don’t know if the information on my blog is being useful for everybody, but one thing is for sure, people are accessing it. So, I have to keep it updated.

I was surfing on my blog and saw that the most viewed post was about France. Actually, a specific post had seventeen accesses today. I called that post of Public Transportation in Paris. I’m trying to find out a specific tool that allows me to see where those accesses come from. I think it will be cool, because I can write to those people, you know, a kind of writing on demand. So, I can prioritize my writing for them, keeping my focus on the posts most viewed. I’ll work on it.

So guys, thank you for reading my blog.

I’m back. Bye


A long week


Last week wasn’t so fun for me. Sometimes, I feel like the walls are closing in on me. I think it’s because my trip to Europe is getting closer and many things need to get done by next October. I’m really feeling the pressure. L

The distance from my parents does part of the pressure.  I’ve been living in Rio de Janeiro since 2007, but my parents still live in Sao Paulo. The distance between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo is almost 500 kilometers. Traveling to Sao Paulo could take around five hours by car. On the other hand, if you go by plane, it takes only fifty minutes, but it could be a little more expensive.

Six months ago my mother had a CVA (cerebrovascular accident). My concern about her has increased significantly. Her life has been difficult. She can’t walk normally because of the CVA and she spends 80% of time in bed.  Besides, she needs someone next her constantly.

Last week, it was my wife’s turn. It wasn’t anything that I could compare with my mom, but she got very sick. We were planning to go to Sao Paulo, but we couldn’t go because of her problem. She’s ok now and we’re planning to go to Sao Paulo next weekend.

So, it’s because of these things that my week was not so fun and for something different, I’m just writing to vent.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading this post and whether you have anything to share with me or you’re in the similar situation, something like “parents far from you”, “some stressfull situation has that has come upon you”, feel free to comment on this post.


Sunday afternoon

Hello guys!

First off, I’m not so good. My stomachache got worse and I started thinking I should go to the doctor soon. I’m a little upset because I went to a good restaurant called “Cantina Donanna” in Copacabana with two friends of my wife and, unfortunately,  the reason of my irritation, my damn stomachache, went with me.

The place is nice and the meal has a good taste, specially the gnocchi. That dish might bring back memories and you might think you’re eating something made by your grandmother.

OK, but it wasn’t my case, once my stomachache was so painfull, so painfull that I stayed the whole lunch thinking “I have to go home, I have to go home!”.

So, my wife and her two friends are now drinking a coffee at La Fiduccia Coffee and, I’m here, one more time, just writing to vent!

As much the restaurant as the coffee are very good. If you wanna know a little bit more about them, go to the restaurant category and enjoy my recommendations about places to eat in Rio de Janeiro.


Saturday morning

Hi everyone!
Today is Saturday and the day isn’t so good. It’s raining a lot and I got an awful stomachache. On the other hand, it’s a perfect day to finish my trip planning. I’m sorry, but I’m not being selfish, I mean, maybe a little.
I just woke up after a long night trying to sleep with that adorable feeling, my stomachache and, I realized that I don’t have anything to eat. So, to start my day with the right foot, I have to go to the supermarket to buy something for my breakfast in the rain. It’s nice, isn’t?
Guys, have a good day and after finishing my trip planning I’ll back here to say you if I finished it or not.
I don’t know if you had noticed, but this post was posted in the session “just venting”.